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5 Reasons to Choose REVS Over a Manufacturer

1. Save Money

REVS offers our clients the opportunity to deploy and manage EV charging stations on your property or portfolio level with absolutely no financial obligations on the property ownership. We also will devise the most cost-effective plan that will not only save you money, but make money.

2. Save Time

REVS will handle every aspect of your EV charging station installation, deployment, operations, and maintenance. We offer management of the installed machines and work to fix any issues related to the machine without wasting any time. In contrast, the bulk of manufacturers are incredibly hard to contact and get accurate information from. Once the equipment is sold, they are gone, and you are left calling a 1-800 number. The most difficult aspect of charging stations is knowing what to do after deployment. Our station portal allows us to monitor each machine and resolve any ongoing issues.

3. Alignment of interests

Our interests are completely aligned with the property owner as we participate in the profits of the charging stations, as either a manager or owner. In contrast, a manufacturer has two objectives; to sell or install as many charging stations as possible and to sign up as many ports as possible to pay their network fees. We participate in the profits generated by the charging stations and will recommend the number of charging stations necessary to maximize the return and meet the demands of the property's residents, not an internal sales quota. We prioritize our client’s potential budget and install the stations in the most effective location for your residents convenience. We also offer incentive information to help alleviate the cost of installation.

4. Knowledge

Our company has in-depth knowledge of the multifamily industry with over 70 years of experience in building, arranging capital, investing, owning and managing. Our background allows us to give property owners EV charging consulting from a real estate perspective. Our company also possesses in-house knowledge of the electrical industry and charging products. Manufacturers generally lack and rarely have both a background in the mutli-family industry and EV charging. In addition, most manufacturers only have level 2 charging stations that provide 7.2 kWh per charger. They sell what they have without acknowledging what your property and residents actually need. Our reseller product line is specifically chosen to align the needs of multi-family properties. As a reseller, we are familiar with all the charging products on the market and will provide the best hardware and software solution for the property and the residents using them.

5. Value

Have one company provide you all the services you need. REVS offers a complete solution from providing due diligence reports on a property’s existing electrical infrastructure, to filing for available grants and incentives, to installing, and managing and reporting as needed once the station is deployed. Most vendors will require the property hire the electrician to provide make-ready services. In contrast, REVS will hire the electrician and provide the property with one invoice for the installation and the hardware..When handling your RFP, you will receive a minimum of 3 quotes from charging station manufacturers we’ve selected. REVS will handle the entire process, providing the property with one invoice for all services.


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