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EV Charging Due Diligence Report

Knowing your site's electrical infrastructure is the first step to deploying electric vehicle charging stations. If REVS handles your electric vehicle charging station (EVCS) needs, you will receive a credit for some of the costs of the due diligence report.

What's the purpose of an EV charging due diligence report?

Currently, 99% of U.S. apartments do not have the adequate electrical infrastructure needed to support hosting electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. Our EV charging due diligence report is a comprehensive analysis the property’s existing electrical infrastructure. It provides information to determine if the property can support hosting EV charging stations or if an electrical upgrade is required.


If eligible, REVS can upgrade your property’s electrical infrastructure to support EV charging for FREE! Contact us to find out if your property qualifies.

Inside Our Electric Vehicle Charging Station Due Diligence Report

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Brief Site Summary

Description of the subject property and parking infrastructure including a visit with the property manager

Current Site Electrical Infrastructure Breakdown

Comprehensive description of the subject site’s electrical infrastructure and its capability to host charging stations.

EVCS Deployment Recommendations

A list of recommendations will be provided specifically for the property such as electrical upgrades, number of charging stations, and the most cost effective locations for installation.

Estimate of Make-Ready & Installation Cost Breakdown

An estimated cost for turn-key deployment based on the property's electrical infrastructure and recommended number of charging stations to be installed.

Potential ROI Analysis Calculator

A projection of the economic benefits of deploying and hosting EV Charging Stations on the subject property.

Available Grants & Required Permits in Area

Description of all available grants & rebates offered by public & private entities.  Also included is permits, if required.

The price for a Due Diligence Report is $1,500 per site.

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