Our Turn-Key Solution

REVS is a full-service EV consulting and installation specialist exclusively serving the multifamily industry. One in four people say their next vehicle purchase will be electric. Let us help you develop the most cost-efficient deployment strategy for EV charging stations to future proof your property against the impact of accelerating EV adoption. Schedule a discussion at your convenience today!

Electric vehicle charging port
Apartment building


Initial Consultation


Introduction to REVS' services and available products to address your objectives.

Ownership & Operation

With 70+ years in the commercial real estate industry, REVS offers options to own and manage the charging stations on your property. 

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Survey & Estimates

Reviewing and understanding your site's existing electrical capacity.

Data Assessment

We will perform a demographic analysis of your site and surrounding area to determine your needs.  REVS will also run a competitor analysis and conduct a market survey.

Grant Applications

REVS is constantly searching for grants from public and private entities to defray the installation and ownership cost.

Turn-key Bid

An all-inclusive, detailed proposal to install and/or manage your charging station(s).

Generic level 1 charging plug connected to a charging station


Contractor Engagement

Working with ownership and management, we will source a suitable electrical contractor to install the necessary electrical infrastructure on your site.

Commission the Charging Station

REVS will work with ownership and management to establish the program parameters of the station and set customizable billing rates.

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Management Services

REVS offers creative solutions to property owners to maximize value while limiting investment amount.

Data Collection & Insights

REVS will oversee and manage data-collection to assist property owners in maximizing the value and return on investment of your charging stations.