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  • By Lindsey Wise

Case Study: Houston Apartment Complex Receives Major Electrical Upgrade Dedicated to EV Charging

Houston apartment complex with EV charging

Residents now have access to convenient EV charging at The Place at Barker Cypress

The Challenge

Outdated electrical infrastructure has created a major roadblock to getting electric vehicle (EV) chargers into U.S. multifamily residential buildings. Yet, our recent project at an apartment complex in Houston shows that older properties can become EV-ready with the right approach and smart load-management tools. 

The Place at Barker Cypress is a 648-unit garden-style apartment complex developed in the 1980s that lacked the adequate electrical infrastructure needed to support EV charging. Like many older properties, the need for electricity to accommodate EV charging stations was not considered during its development. Devising a solution was uniquely challenging because the property had limited electricity available. To address this, REVS contracted the utility provider to explore options to bring in more energy.

REVS' Approach and Solution

Our installation team coordinated with CenterPoint Energy to establish a new overhead power line dedicated to EV charging. On the property’s behalf, our team applied for and secured approval for a new electric service line, complete with an electrical transformer to regulate electricity flow. 

In addition, our team crafted an electrical utility service rack equipped with a meter, a disconnect switch, and an electrical panel to power all EV charging stations on the property. Our team carefully designed the conduit layout to ensure future expansion opportunities and installed dual EV charging stations with spare power to add additional stations when needed.

REVS visiting property site with EV charging stations

REVS team conducting a site visit to verify service rack is in compliance with NEC standards

The Results

The successful upgrade at The Place at Barker Cypress not only satisfied the current needs of EV-driving residents but also equipped the property for the expected increase in demand. REVS' solution brought extra power to the property and laid the foundation for future scalability and expansion for more EV charging stations. The property's ownership incurred no expenses for the upgrade and equipment by opting for our no-cost program. 

Blink EV charging stations outside apartment complex

Level 2 EV Charging stations installed in the parking lot of The Place at Barker Cypress

If you need help navigating city regulations, obtaining permits, addressing unique electrical requirements, and ensuring your residents are taken care of, contact us today.


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