Charging Stations for Properties Under Construction

REVS will work with the development team and contractor, pre-construction and during construction, to ensure that the electrical infrastructure is adequate to host EV Charging stations and the conduit is run properly.  REVS will offer to own and operate the charging stations or sell the charging stations under a management agreement.

multifamily property under construction

REVS owns and operates the charging stations

  • REVS will handle the turn-key installation of the charging stations

  • REVS will own the charging stations and pay for the installation and all ongoing operating expenses

  • The property owner/host will receive the following:

    • Parking space income at a fixed rate per space per month or, a percentage of the profit

    • The term of the agreement will be 10 years; fully transferrable to future owners

Property owns the charging stations and REVS provides management services

  • REVS will handle the turn-key installation of the charging stations

  • Property owner will pay for all “make-ready”, equipment, and installation costs.

  • REVS will provide management services and a warranty for a term equal to the management agreement

  • REVS will receive a management fee based on profit generated by the charging stations at the property, not revenue

  • REVS will file for grants on Property owner’s behalf and receive 10% of any proceeds

  • Term of agreement will be 7 to 10 years


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