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InnovationMap: Houston Innovator David Aaronson on Entrepreneurial Journey

“How this entrepreneur is preparing Houston for the future of electric vehicles”

Article by Natalie Harms of InnovationMap on August 18, 2021

If you live in Texas and you drive an electric vehicle, you probably own a home — mostly because homeowners have a place to safely charge their vehicle. Apartment dwellers don’t have that option in most residences. But David Aaronson is trying to change that. David Aaronson of REVS shares his EV entrepreneurial journey on the Houston Innovators Podcast. Aaronson, a Houston real estate veteran, founded Refuel Electric Vehicle Solutions, or REVS, last year to become the go-between for multifamily property owners and managers and the charging technology providers. Basically, Aaronson, a reseller for EV charging ports, is targeting multifamily companies and brokering the deal to install one or two charging ports now — as well as supporting scalability for when even more EVs hit the Texas roads. “It’s a new industry,” Aaronson says on this week’s episode of the Houston Innovators Podcast. “You have the manufacturers who are all so busy — they really don’t have the time to find new business.”Read more on InnovationMap…

REVS is a national, real estate infrastructure company focused on providing turn-key electric vehicle charging stations and management services to multi-family owners and property managers. Our aim is to provide seamless solutions to develop a new revenue stream by hosting Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations to refuel apartment residents that own, or will own, electric vehicles. If you are interested in deploying Electric Vehicle Charging Stations on your multi-family property and would like more information, reach out to us by filling out the contact form below!


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