Turn-key Electric Vehicle Charging Station Solutions

All multifamily properties are different and REVS will provide a solution for establishing EV Charging Stations tailored to fit your needs. 


Multi-Family's Solutions to EV Charging

As our society moves towards the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), a massive overhaul of our nation’s electrical infrastructure will be necessary.  It requires a systemic change of a multitude of factors including industry standards, common practices, legal updates, training, and much more.  

Refuel Electric Vehicle Solutions, or REVS, was established to help property owners take advantage of this rare transition and unique investment opportunity.  We will take you from start to finish with deploying EV charging stations while ensuring that you are receiving the best product, service, and solution; for you and your clients.

plug of power cable supply for electric car
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Where are people going to refuel their EVs?


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